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HOAP Outreach : 

     Parentpreneur " The business of being a Parent".

     Parentpreneur was strategically designed  to prepare young mothers ages 18-24 for the pathway to permanent         housing by educating and equipping each one with the necessary skills and staunch support to sustain stable           housing.

      The Parentpreneur program provides help with basic essential needs, transportation support, empowering                  educational workshops, and advocacy. Participants who successfully complete the Parentpreneur program                receive monetary support with first's months rent or deposit,moving expenses, past due utilities and childcare            subsidy.

     ● Qualifications

          Young Mothers 18-24

          Valid ID

     ● Enrollment Process

        Complete application

        Attend Intake interview

HOAP Transportation:

    Moms on Wheels Transportation is a non-emergency transportation service that provides safe, affordable, and reliable                      transportation support for young mothers and their children to get to and from appointments, school/childcare, and



    ● Scheduling Process

           Transportation must be scheduled at least 72 hours in advance

           Must complete transportation waiver

           Request safety travel equipment or be prepared to provide the proper car seat or booster seat for all children traveling.

           Be prepared to remit traveling fee at the time of pick up



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