Helping Our Adolescents Prosper

Purpose of HOAP, Inc.

Born out of the overwhelming need to help young males and females (13-24) overcome life's negative challenges as they relate to unplanned parenting and other life difficulties which often lead to homelessness. 


It is the vision of h.o.a.p. Inc. to break unhealthy generational cycles of abuse, neglect, and poverty while striving to keep families united and preparing them to prosper.

Your donations fund a full range life changing services for homeless and low ncome young mothers including housing, educational support, life skills, crisis intervention, child care, job training and other supportive services.  All donations are tax deductible.

HOAP, Inc. is powered by a vibrant community of volunteers who lend their time, dedication, and passion to many different roles within our organization.

Is to help our adolescence prosper to reach and experience their greatest potential.

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Crisis Intervention

During a time of crisis, many youth have a limited support system. Crisis advocacy provides an opportunity for young males and females to speak with a trained advocate one on one using a strength based approach to assist in goal setting, resource connection, and continued outreach.

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